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Planning by the light of the moon, January 2019

It feels fitting that the first post on this new website is centered around my full moon check-in divination.

Each moon, a few days before it is full, I will be doing a check-in divination about my work, which is also my Work.

What is the difference between work and Work?

The way that I understand it, the Work is that which is mine to do in this lifetime. Part of the reason that I joined this specific oathbound mystery tradition is that I am afforded an opportunity to discover what my Work is, and given the tools to do that Work to the best of my ability.

I am fortunate to have been consciously trying to find what my Work is for most of my life, and have managed to dance around the edges of it many times. It is an iterative thing, to find my Work and then to do it, but it is deeply satisfying even when it is also extremely frustrating and, sometimes, discouraging.

The work that I do is specifically the things that I offer in exchange for resources, usually money. Most of the time, this is consulting, design, website development, community building, and so on. It dovetails neatly with the Work I am here to do: which is, in part, to support the connectedness and interdependence of communities, and to provide meaningful support to the specialists that are doing their Work for and inside those communities.

As part of my commitment to listening to my ancestors, spirits, and deities, I’m doing divination at each full moon to help me re-orient myself toward the right plans.

In addition to these planning check-ins, I am going to be doing reviews on the new moons. These two touchpoints should help keep me pointed in the correct direction, and help me work through my fears and my (occasionally intense) impostor syndrome.

The theme of the Work for this next four weeks is boundaries:

To be a person that has boundaries, and a healthy amount of selfishness, in small things as well as bigger things. What are the small things where you are giving way rather than hold a boundary? Where do small things become bigger when you aren’t holding firm to a boundary that matters to you?

To recognize that part of what makes a home a safe and stable place is a clearly delineated boundary around it. Where is the line around your safe place? What structures do you have that keep you stable?

To allow yourself to notice what is in need of repair, and to do the work of repairing it. Where have others walked through your boundaries without permission? Who do you care about that is allowed safe passage?

To tune into the rhythm of your own self, to notice what you need and to allow yourself to ask for it. What needs are going unmet because they have not been expressed? Where have you closed your mouth rather than risk rejection?

Some of the work I’ll be doing here is to reinforce my own boundaries with kindness and firmness. Some of the work for me is to be aware of the time I have to offer others, and the time I have that is only for myself.

In service of this, I am going to try a new way of offering my one-on-one time for the next several weeks.

I have noticed that right now, I can manage two different appointments in a work day, but more than that means that I need a dedicated recovery day directly afterward. There will always be times where I need to do more than two intensive interactions a day, and knowing that I need that much recovery time afterward has helped me plan for it.

For the next four weeks, I’ll post in the World Tree Collective, on Facebook, and email my list with the available times I have each week, and see if that is a better way of doing it for me.

How are boundaries showing up for you right now? What kind of work are you doing around boundaries in your life?

Comment here or send me a message about it. 🙂

Nix Kelley
Phoenix "Nix" Kelley is a consultant, writer, website person, and a student of an oathbound lineaged initiatory mystery tradition with Renewal Coven. Nix is genderqueer and trans and uses they/them pronouns. They love making new connections on social media, so please follow them if it sparks your fancy.

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