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For Spiritual Specialists

Spiritual specialists are the people whose life’s true Work is to teach, to serve, to lead by example. Spiritual specialists go into the dirtiest, most harrowing of situations, to bring the light. They are the people we call on when there is a death, a loss, an impending personal doom, a marriage, a new baby, a haunting, a possession, a schism between friends, a health crisis, an arrest, a recurring life pattern.

Spiritual specialists are our priests, elders, ministers, teachers, shamans, medicine men, and village witches. Every tradition has a particular set of requirements for a person to be styled a priest, elder, shaman, and so on — but one of the ways a community can know that someone is worthy of the trust such a title implies is that they have a solid reputation within that community of showing up, of doing the Work, and of being held accountable by those they serve and by their peers, elders and teachers. My teacher often tells us that a true elder does not call themself an elder — the community does that, because that is who they are.

It’s possible that you’re looking at this page because you are a spiritual specialist and you desperately need support.

It’s much more likely that the person reading this is someone that’s been helped, taught, protected, or mentored by someone that sounds a lot like the person described at the beginning of this page.

Spiritual specialists are notoriously bad at asking for help, and even worse at asking twice for help, even if it wasn’t the same person both times.

A person who has devoted their life to healing the wounds of others will usually downplay their own wounds and needs, even when those wounds are draining them of the energy to do anything.

A person who has spread themselves thin and taken on much more than a normal person can handle, has done so because It Needed To Be Done, and if they didn’t do it then nobody would, and they are just not okay with that.

A person who loves and feels as fiercely as a spiritual specialist will often know that they need more help, more time, more support, or more understanding, but usually by the time their need is most dire, they don’t have the strength or the executive function to access it or to ask for it.

If you know someone like this, show them you love them by sending them to this page, because the link below this goes to a contact page where they can ask for help, if they’re ready to do that.

To all those of the Wise: you are not alone.