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Our Specialists

Amabran, Elder of the Path of Light

Amabran is a third degree and Elder on the Path of Light with Renewal Coven, a pre-Gardnerian lineaged mystery tradition. He offers services to the local community in Michigan and anywhere else he is able to travel.


Amabran is available for multiple pastoral and spiritual services including exorcisms, house cleansings, patient advocacy, and rites of passage. He is able to be invited to teach classes and workshops, and to appear on podcasts or other interviews.

Please use the contact page to inquire about Amabran’s current availability.

Jim Two Snakes, Peruvian shaman (former client)

James Two Snakes Stovall is a lineaged Peruvian shaman who has worked in his local pagan community for 28 years. He offers services to the local community in Jackson, Michigan and to places he is able to travel. We had the privilege of working with him as he got the structure of his offerings set up, and the link below will take you to his Patreon, where you can find different ways of working with and supporting him.

Visit Jim’s page to learn more about him and what kind of services he is currently offering.