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World Tree Collective

To say that I am excited about this new community venture would be an understatement. I AM SO EXCITED FOR THIS.

The World Tree Collective is a community structure with a few sustainable membership levels, which is based on my review of my realistic levels of time, energy, and ability to hold space.


This is the level that is the most financially accessible. I am structuring the payment model here as a pay-what-you-will, with $1 being the least amount and $8 being the suggested amount.

Here’s a link to the Groundwork subscription on Gumroad, with a few specific details about it.


This is the level that includes a private circle for specific mentoring, in either business or life or whatever it is that you need my help for in particular. The payment model here is also pay-what-you-will, in a suggested range from $9 to $29 a month.

Here’s a link to the Mentorship subscription on Gumroad, with some extra details to help you decide whether or not you want it.

Retreat & Partner Retreat

These are specifically for the spiritual specialists that I am working one-on-one to support, and for their partners. Neither of these circles costs anything to the specialists or their partners.