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Introduction to Jim Two Snakes: lineaged teacher and certified coach

Jim Two Snakes has spent much of the past three decades providing spiritual and emotional support for individuals that are looking for accountability, wisdom, and safe supportive space while they discover how to walk their own path.

Jim Two Snakes
Jim Two Snakes, preparing a Q’ero Fire Ceremony

Jim is both a coach for people from multiple walks of life, and a teacher of Peruvian shamanism, passing along the wisdom of his lineage to the next generation of students.

If you’re here to learn about Jim’s Spiritual Dad coaching, this next section covers it.

If you’re here to get more details about becoming one of Jim Two Snakes’ students, the section after this is what you want.

Spiritual Dad Coaching with Jim Two Snakes

discover how to walk your own path

Jim has been officially offering Spiritual Dad coaching since the fall of 2019, and would love to offer this service to you if this is what you need right now. This informal program includes regular contact with Jim and specific guidance for what’s going on in your life right now, as you work toward discovering your personal path.

Since Jim began taking on coaching clients, three things have become clear:

1In regular, honest sessions, his clients learn skills that are usable in multiple areas of their lives: office work, polytheistic practice, parenting, manual labor, and more.

2Through the process of Jim getting to know you: seeing how your life is playing out right now, and helping you get to a place of greater confidence with a clearer understanding of your personal path, takes about three months, or twelve sessions.

3It turns out that three months into the coaching process is a great time to check in: to either wrap up and exit the coaching experience, or re-commit for another couple of months.

Jim was originally offering a month-by-month coaching experience, but knowing that three months — twelve weekly sessions — works the best for most of his people, that’s the kind of experience we’ve decided to create and offer to you.

A Three-Month Spiritual Dad Coaching Experience

Here are the details, so you can decide whether — or when — to pursue this work with Jim.

The cost of this three-month commitment is $450, with a non-refundable $50 deposit. The remainder can be paid on a timeline and schedule that works for your budget. We recommend at least $50 per month as a payment plan, but you can request whatever payment plan you and your budget can manage. You will not be charged interest or extra processing fees for choosing or requesting any kind of payment plan.

If you want to pay in full once your introductory session is complete, you will receive a 10% discount on the balance: $360 instead of $400.

You will get thirteen sessions: the first one is an exploratory introductory session, which is where you can either choose to affirmatively consent and commit to the next twelve sessions and the work that’s included, or you can say thank you and decline to continue on. 

If you’ve already had an exploratory session with Jim regarding his Spiritual Dad coaching, you can skip the first session. You’ll just need to tell us this detail when you send in your message about your interest in coaching with Jim Two Snakes.

How to start the process of signing up for Spiritual Dad coaching

(form link here)

What if you want regular coaching without a specified end date?

You can still have month-to-month or occasional coaching sessions, either weekly, biweekly, monthly, or every now and then. The cost for each session is $50. You can send in a message to ask about month-to-month or sporadic coaching here [a link to a form].

Learning Peruvian shamanism from Jim Two Snakes

Jim Two Snakes is a shamanic practitioner who has been trained in a Peruvian lineage by Mateyo Empie, who learned from Alberto Villoldo and don Oscar Miro-Quesada, in a tradition that originates from the mountains and valleys of the Cusco region in Peru. By the standards of this tradition, Jim Two Snakes is qualified and able to pass on these teachings to students that are committed to the Work.

There are two ways to learn from Jim one-on-one: through several years of training and intensive retreats, or through a less intense offering of universal shamanic concepts. When you send a message to inquire about being taught by Jim Two Snakes, you’ll be put in touch with him for further conversation and vetting.

Please know that Jim’s time is valuable and occasionally scarce, and also that he is committed whole-heartedly to the Work. Whatever questions you have, please feel free to ask them.

[link here to form for questions]