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Jim Two Snakes, a shamanic practitioner based in Jackson, Michigan

Shamanism has been with humanity from the beginning.

It is the ancient practice of understanding spirits and asking for their aid in human affairs. While shamanism may have traditions, it does not belong to any one religion. It can call on the spirits of animals, places such as sacred mountains or lakes, Angels or even the seemingly timeless stars above.

The shaman spent years of his or her life in apprenticeship, torments, isolation, pain and questing to gain spiritual allies. People would seek out the shaman at the edge of the village, in the deep jungle, or in the dry deserts and give them gifts in trade for help. The shaman would call on his or her allies to help speed healing, make crops grow, protect the young, and ease the passing of loved ones into the lands beyond death.

The services I offer are no different.

I offer the very popular Q’ero (Peruvian) Fire Ceremony, which is very good at transforming stubborn obstacles in your life.

Jim Two Snakes at Michigan Pagan Fest 2018

The Haywarisqa (or Despacho) ceremony is one of thanks and also making things right.

Variants of the Haywarisqa can be used to cleanse your spirit, to help ease loved ones into the higher realms, or even to remove toxic spirits that may be causing long term harm to you.

Along with these specific ceremonies, I also offer different types of cleansings and spiritual services.

Spiritual cleansing for your home; favorable conditions for your business; protection for your loved ones; healing; help and comfort in passings.

Only the great Creator can make guarantees, but I have many spiritual allies of great strength, and I will do all I can to make the spirits, the odds, the quantum nature of a universe full of subtle energies look favorably on you.

— Jim Two Snakes —

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Testimonial from a Shamanic House Cleansing

“The house that we live in now creeps me out. I have seen some crazy things before and the normal ghosty’s and spirits that normally are around old houses don’t usually bother me. But when they are freaking my kid and freaking me out I have a problem.

“Just to let you know the creepiest was when [my husband] was gone last summer and [my daughter] was sleeping in our bed with me. I woke up to this feeling of something other then the two of us on the bed. I looked over and something rushed at me it looked like a face I screamed go away and it disappeared.”

After a Shamanic house cleansing, the homeowner reported that “[my daughter] is sleeping much better, and things just feel quieter. I’m not hearing voices in the night anymore, which is making me feel better.”

Services, pricing, and how to reach out for scheduling.

Jim Two Snakes is represented and managed by Anchor & Fox Consulting, which frees him up to fully engage with doing the work. Whether you met Jim at an event, heard him on a podcast, or you’ve come here because his work was recommended to you, this is an excellent way to reach out and start a conversation about what you need.

The most important thing to remember when booking time with a spiritual specialist is that the time they are willing to spend in service of the work you need has both a spiritual and a material component. It is vital to the exchange between Jim and yourself that you are aware of what the parameters of reciprocity are for what you need.

The prices below are guidelines, and can often be tweaked to fit individual circumstances. The work that Two Snakes does is far-reaching and deeply meaningful, and it is our privilege here at Anchor & Fox to represent him to his community, and provide support so that his community is able to reciprocate appropriately.

For each service specified below (and for any that may not be listed), please assume that travel costs and lodging should also be provided, where applicable. We’ll have time to get all the necessary details once you have reached out to us.

Our contact details are near the bottom of the page, after the services and price descriptions.

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Q’ero (Peruvian) Fire Ceremony: one-on-one or group setting

The Q’ero (Peruvian) Fire Ceremony is an ancient rite with profound impact that has changed the lives of many people. Everywhere Jim Two Snakes conducts a Fire Ceremony, you can find people willing to attest to its power to transform. With a blessed and sacred fire, we ask Pachamama (Mother Earth) to compost and recycle the issues we don’t want or need in our lives any more, using a specially charged stick, and we ask Her to give back to us what we do need in our lives, as guided by her love and wisdom.

Fire Ceremonies can be for one person, or for a crowd. The cost for the ceremony itself is $100 for up to five people, and $20 per person extra, up to 25 people. For larger gatherings and events, please contact us for a more accurate price. Fire Ceremonies can take from one to several hours, depending partially on the size of the group and the physical setting.

Despacho Ceremony: one-on-one or small group setting

The Haywarisqa (or Despacho) ceremony is an amazing experience. Dozens of items are used to create a beautiful mandala of prayer and offering. It is an amazing way to weave together the blessings and people in you life, and Two Snakes will create it with your assistance. The Haywarisqa are a way of showing reciprocity and thanks, and as Two Snakes explains to his students, this can also be a “thanks in advance” for blessings to come. They are commonly used for blessings, to celebrate an important life event, for home protection, and hundreds of other variations. Afterward, each blessing bundle is burned in an included Fire Ceremony. The Despacho ceremony can comfortably accommodate up to 10 people.

The cost for a Despacho ceremony is $300. We will ask you about the reason you are requesting this service, since it is so specific and tailored to your circumstances. A Despacho ceremony varies in timing.

Talking Stick: group setting

The Talking Stick is a simple and powerful exercise that helps to encourage open and heart centered communication in your family, workplace or spiritual group. Jim Two Snakes will teach you how to facilitate this group experience, and will help moderate that first Talking Stick circle. The Talking Stick generally takes over an hour, although this depends on the size of the group as well as any specific time constraints.

The cost to host a Talking Stick circle is $50.

Individual Cleansing: one-on-one

An individual cleansing is $60 and may take up to an hour. We will ask you some specific questions around the reasons you are requesting a cleansing, so that Two Snakes can be prepared for the best way to support you through the experience.

House Cleansing

A house cleansing is going to be priced on an individual basis, but a basic cost — for a single family home with several bedrooms, a kitchen, bathroom, living room, and other common areas — is $200. Each house cleansing is specifically prepared for according to the parameters you give us, and once on the site, Two Snakes may need to do additional things to assure that the house is completely cleansed.

Spiritual Dad: one-on-one individualized mentoring

Jim Two Snakes has spent much of the past three decades providing spiritual and emotional support for individuals that are looking for accountability, wisdom, and safe supportive space while they discover how to walk their own path. He has trained in a formalized program and now has a coaching certification, and would love to offer this service to you. This informal program includes regular contact with Jim and specific guidance for what’s going on in your life right now. The cost will depend on how often you need to meet with Jim, and the length of the program you decide is right for you.

Please send an email, or scroll to the bottom of this page for the contact form, to ask for details and to set up a time to chat with Jim about his Spiritual Dad coaching service.

Please email or scroll to the bottom of this page for the contact form, to ask for details and to set up a time to chat with Jim about his Spiritual Dad coaching service.

Be Part of Two Snakes’ Community: a patronage support model

By the end of 2019, we will be opening up a community support model for Jim. The process of putting this together thoughtfully and carefully has taken longer than we expected, but we are nearing the finish line.

This will enable him to spend less time at his three (yes, THREE) day jobs, and more time out in the community serving the people he cares about so deeply.

To be notified when it is ready for you to join, sign up with this form:

An offer to prospective students of Peruvian shamanism

Jim Two Snakes is a shamanic practitioner who has been trained in a Peruvian lineage by Mateyo Empie, who learned from Alberto Villoldo and don Oscar Miro-Quesada, in a tradition that originates from the mountains and valleys of the Cusco region in Peru. Jim is able to pass on these teachings to students that are committed to the work.

There are two ways to learn from Jim one-on-one: through several years of training and intensive retreats, or through a less intense offering of universal shamanic concepts. When you send a message to inquire about being taught by Jim Two Snakes, you’ll be put in touch with him for further conversation and vetting.

Ready to contact us?

Leave us your name and email address, and in the message box, tell us what it is you are looking for. Once we receive your email, someone (probably Phoenix!) will respond and ask some follow-up questions.

If you can’t see this form, you can email us directly at hello at anchorandfoxconsulting dot com, or by text or phone call to +1-989-864-1176.

Photos on this page courtesy of Glenn Brown, Tri Dragon Photography. | Used with permission.

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